Crazy Deceitful

THE DIRTY ARMY: Harasses lies and ducks anyone who shows her attention. Posted this for my friend because this girl has continued after she got drunk and called him to go to pick her up because she got drunk raging alcoholic!! To go and save her and her uncle because she called several black gentleman the n word at the bar stalks him Toni end said she was pregnant by him that she had a miscarriage yet they sent her home with no paper work and after said miscarriage said it took her 3 weeks to pass the fetus. Google miscarriage and see how likely that is number one and two they disn’t do a dnc at the time of miscarriage which doesn’t happen. Compulsive lier and constantly brings drama and her alcohol problem as well as her smelly nasty pussy all around town. She has also claimed to be a nurse with no degree! Hmm cna is a long wayaway from a nurse and being fired fromlast three jobs for inappropriate comments and gestures just shows she is a pos!! Stay away from holly Swartz.

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