Crazy Granny On The Prowl

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Crazy Granny on the Prowl

Crazy Granny on the Prowl

Crazy Granny on the Prowl

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Lara. A 35 year old who tries to be in her 20s by hanging out with 24 year olds. She will go after anything that walks. She is crazy and will go to great lengths if you turn her down. Thought stalking, excessive phone calls, harassment and fake social networking accounts were for middle school kids? Guess again. She’s so busy f***ing anything that walks and getting her nose in other people’s relationships that she neglects her kid. The kid’s probably better off with her druggie father. Her fake t*ts are awful, but I guess she isn’t too upset since she didn’t pay a dime for them and just had to spread her legs for them. People beware, this old hag is literally off her granny rocker. Best part is, she thinks she has people fooled but the guys like to keep her around for a lay and the girls because they think its hilariously funny how nuts she is. Ever seen those shows about women killing anyone that scorns them? Lara’s debut is soon to come for sure. She belongs in an institution.

Um. Anyone else notice the white stuff on her face in the top pic? Oh, and she should never go out in public without makeup on.- nik

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