Crazy Russian Needs To Get Deported

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me tell you a little something about Elena Alekseyevna. First off, she claims to have attended UM, which is prob false along with her other string of lies. She is a bottle rat who jumps from promoter to promoter f*cking and sucking their Greg just to drink at their tables. She’s not even cute, I think my asshole bleached is prettier than her. She got BANNED from the Fontainebleau for stalking one of the promoters and claiming that he got her pregnant. She went f*cking crazy when they gave her a written arrest for trespassing and now she likes to hit up the nobody clubs. On FaceBook she started posting useless status about how she “likes to f*ck a lot”. She’s a crazy weasel or a possum looking thing, I can’t choose which one is more hideous and I can’t stand her…so here you go. Tell me what you think of her self proclaimed “hot russian blonde”.

What 20 people could actually like that picture, she looks like death.- nik

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