Crazy Stalker Seeks Popularity

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Crazy Stalker seeks Popularity

Crazy Stalker seeks Popularity

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Last year during the summer i started chatting online with this guy Jimmy Paiz. He expressed to me that he liked me and wanted to date me but i was in a relationship and i didnt know this guy from anywhere. He then proceded to inform me of his DJ skills. He asked if i could put him on throughout the city because i am a promoter. LOL I told him i would help out once i herd some of his mixes. Etc. I istened to his mix down and it was wack. My boyfriend and i broke up in August. I started talking to Jimmy via computer because he was in Iraq. When he came home he called for me to come get him but i refused because again i did not know this man. I was staying in a hotel while in town and he came to meet me one day. (my brother’s room was right across the hall) With him came weed, alcohol, and pills. I was blown away. After meeting him in person I explained to him that i didnt approve of that type of behavior and that we couldn’t continue to meet up for even small talk. We were supposed to be talking business about him becoming a possible investor for my company and things of that nature. Instead he had drugs and getting high on the brain. He became furious and started threatening me here and there calling my phone repeatedly which he still does and posting things all over the place. This guy went from nobody caring about the little spanish DJ wanna be to this guy is spreading bad vibes about you all over town V as herd from several people. He lies and claims i stole money from him that he owed me for running up my phone bill while in Iraq. This guy would call me all day long. I used to say “do you ever work?”. This guy is trying to build his reputation by destroying mine and needs to be put on front street. Please help. Thanks.

He was clearly just trying to sleep with you, drugs an alcohol woulda made it easy if you were a sloot…also what do you think people use online chatting for?? You should try looking elsewhere for guys.- nik

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