Crazy Threats Are Just The Beginning

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, that Marie chick will be one of the many psychotic folks trying to make threats to your daughter. Your daughter will sadly be a target for these wackos and when she gets older her life will be a living hell if you keep this up. I hope you have other plans with your life than continue this site down the road. You have so much potential to do better quality things with your life. What would you do if Press asks you to stop this site? You aren’t just that dude who started some site from a basement anymore, you are a father now and an amazing one at that. If some dark things from your past made you start this site realize that you have a little light in it now, a new purpose. Press is the new path for you to follow. I see you doing big things with your life that aren’t this site. Oh and f*ck all those “friends” of yours who try to convince you otherwise, they just love living the good life and having a bunch of hoes throw themselves at them. Those leeches aren’t smart enough to jump start something on their own anyway.

Thanks for your concern.- nik

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