Crazy Tommy

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Tommys Got The Clap

Tommys Got The Clap

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so let me tell you a little about Tommy Borovic! This so called Marine (not really he went AWOL) is Jefferson county’s finest! He will f*ck anything that walks maybe even certain animals. He prefers women or men under the age of 15. He doesn’t admit that he likes men yet, but he tries to cover up his homosexuality with ugly women that sort of look like men! He has had sex with 130 or more women mostly girls that you wouldn’t look twice at. This guy shows me how insecure and desperate girls really are. All his tattoos are a desperate attempt for some attention. They mean nothing! He’s not very smart so to all you girls out there who think he’s going places, think again because only place this guy is going is jail or a mental institution! And to whom it may concern i have heard his greg is quite small, no joke and he usually smells like sh*t!

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