THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Raj Kunda is one creepy little Indian dude. He and his unregistered child molester business partner hire secretaries then make them sign some weird contract so they can’t go to police about his sexual misconduct in a business. Then he fires you when you ask him for your paycheck that you never get on time. If you threaten to go to police he gets rid of your paperwork that he never sends to to state for taxes. Ya he makes his own tax rate and keeps the money. His business partners name is zellious Nathaniel Williams Google him. They are both crooks and it is a matter of time before his business is raided. When I worked for him at his other business that was closed down because he couldnt pay rent all zellious did was masturbate in his office looking at porn. They need to shut the whole place down because its a haven for sexual predators.

Raj does look very creepy.- nik