Cynthia Bailey – Phaedra Parks ABSOLUTELY Is Shady

Cynthia Bailey – Phaedra Parks ABSOLUTELY Is Shady

Recently, The Dirty reported that Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks sent a group text to all of the RHOA women demanding 50% of the pop up shop proceeds, as was seen in this week’s episode. Now, Cynthia Bailey has taken to her Bravo blog to address what she feels is Parks’ shadiness.

When asked if Parks was being shady with her text, Bailey said, “Absolutely! I think Phaedra was throwing a little shade my way in the group text, but because her event was for charity and a great cause, I chose to focus on the positivity of what she was trying to accomplish.”

“I have donated water, and money to support the people who have been affected by the Flint Water Crisis,” Bailey continued. “Phaedra’s pop up shop event was another great opportunity for me to show my support.”

Bailey kept it classy, though, wrapping with saying that, “All shade aside, what I took away from the text was the idea of all of us having our own individual pop up shops for our own charities, and all us coming together as a group (like we did for Phaedra’s foundation) to support each other. I think that would be amazing!”

It’s rare to see the women able to move past their drama so quickly, so we give Bailey major props for taking the high road and focusing on what’s important.

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