Dallas’ Finest Presents: Susan Peppler


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik,this absolute pure definition of unadulterated perfection started harassing my good friend after finding out she had been long-time dating her ex…from a whooping ten years ago! She found out from her facebook how serious they are and how happy they make each other,and simply had to attempt throwing ye good ol’ psycho ex fit. Bear in mind that the poor lad in question had to leave her after being repeatedly threatened to be pushed down the stairs,likewise after catching her in the act with a guy in his sixties. But what else can you expect from someone working in a massage parlor, right? Now,she is taking her frustrations out on the girl he wants to start a family with. His girl is stunning, getting her Ph. D. on her own merit at age 24, traveled the world and did work for the government. Obviously this is all too much to take for the desperate broad,who pathetically tried convincing her that she was cheated on with HER, story which of course changed versions faster than Paris Hilton changes ***s, and was full of hilarious inconsistencies. This woman blurted out three kids from two failed marriages,and apparently that was not enough for her. On my friend’s page, she was ‘bragging’ about what a great person she is, assisting the needy…if you know what i mean. She kept insisting she wants to ‘hang out’ sometimes with my friend and her man. Failed homewrecker at her best. We all feel sorry for her kids,but Dallas men,read and weep. The psycho is everywhere.

What a picture rebel, doing the smile-frown…as if she doesn’t wanna be there.- nik

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