Dallas Hotel Drug Dealer Shaun Mian


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dallas hotel homo drug dealer shaun mian

dallas hotel homo drug dealer shaun mian

dallas hotel homo drug dealer shaun mian

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Dallas one and only Shaun Mian (adopted son of TM and Marty Mian) Shaun apparently had no friends so he started running a “non-profit” business of distributing Molly and Ecstasy out of his fathers hotel. (mom was thrown out when dad discovered boi dearest and mommy dearest on the side business.). Dads hotel, the Sterling was affected when Shaun returned to his old sketchy ways and started letting any boi or drug dealer set up residence on the fourth and fifth floors for as long as he could run wild with them selling whatever they wanted. Alas, all good things must come to an end… it seems that his mom found a young attractive Dallas police officer to buy from Shaun. (apparently, somebody had an opening, and someone had a “stiff proposition”). Now poor Shaun is sitting at home with his mom while she shakes and pats everyone down that comes to visit. Trying to win friends and lovers through the drug trade wasnt smart. Damn, I’d like to be at the trial when the officer friendly explains how Shaun tried to work out a deal “orally”. One footnote: Tim took seans little silver car away and parked in front of the Sterling as a reminder of what stupidity is. If he goes to trial for the charges he’ll be facing 2-5 years in T.D.C unless he sings like a canary to get probation. If that happens, look out Insomnia and Eternal. As the old song goes: “And she’ll have fun fun fun till her daddy takes the T-bird away”.

Why is Dallas still using the term “ecstasy”? Molly hates it when you call her by her last name.- nik

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