THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I would like you to meet Renee Pitts and John Shaugnessy. They think they are the hottest couple in Dallas, when really everyone thinks they are a huge joke! They post COUNTLESS photoshopped pics of themselves all day long because Renee looks so bad in person because she tans so much. John always talks about living the “clean life” and working out but he spends his days doing ecstasy and GHB all the time! It’s time for this couple to be outted. They think they are better than everyone but they need to be knocked down a few pegs! The call themselves “Ken and Barbie” (a nickname they gave themselves might I add) Renee is so much better than that as a person but she’s throwing it all away on this guy who lies to her. Such a shame! I’ve seen her before on this site and thought you should know the scoop!

I think out of all the cities in America that got hit the hardest during our economy crisis… the winner is Dallas.- nik