Dallas Sloot Will Suck Any Greg For A Dollar


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Dallas slut who will suck any dick for a dollar

Dallas slut who will suck any dick for a dollar

Dallas slut who will suck any dick for a dollar

Dallas slut who will suck any dick for a dollar

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Mandy Lee Jackson. She is poor white trash and not a penny in her name. She used to suck a 60 year old Persian’s greg and likes getting f*cked in the *ss as well as licking it, even though her ex said she sucks in bed and at giving head. She has been stalking me and my boyfriend. Her old Persian guy in the pictures recently kicked her out because she is an alcoholic. She is a personal trainer and the biggest, nastiest gold digger in Dallas for sure! She has NO CLASS NO MONEY, and wakes up at 9 am and starts drinking vodka until she passes out. She uses men for money by giving them sexual favors. DALLAS MEN BEWARE! The only thing she is good for is someone with an *ss fetish and that likes and old 35 year old vagins which smells like rotted cheese. She walks around thinking she is the sh*t, when really her *sshole has been so stretched the only thing she has is the ability to create a large turd. She is trash and actually stole money from two people faking an abortion. She got pregnant by a janitor and made the other guys who gave he rmoney give her money, she used to go buy drugs. She is a sick person and psychotic, but ultimately just dumb white trash. Put this ronchy, ugly drunk sloot on blast. She f*cks black men as well and is a pathetic waste of life. Would you? I have naked pics as well if you would like them Nik, she look like a man and has cheap saline tite that only cost 3500, and her ex made fun of how they would sit funny and her refund gap was ridic!

I never knew a human and a rhino could so closely resemble each other.- nik 

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