Yankee Julie Judkins, Principal Archivist at the University of North Texas Needs To Go Home


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, please expose this horrible B-TICH! Meet Julie Judkins, Principal Archivist at the University of North Texas (UNT). Or otherwise known to herself, as “Professor Judkins”. Yes, Nik, this nasty little piece of YANKEE ass trash calls herself “Professor”….she is just an adjunct instructor at the University of North Texas (UNT), no PhD. But gladly refers to herself as “Professor Judkins” in e-mail correspondences. She was very happy to say to our graduate-level course “I am NOT TEXAN” (but don’t she just love those TEXAS tax dollars in her paycheck!). Anyway, Julie Judkins actually hails from ORGEON and is an apparent graduate of Michigan University. Honestly, I don’t even think that the University of Michigan- School of Information (LIS) should claim Julie Judkins. She’s rudely gross, horrible, is a low class-white-trash, haughty piece of you know what—and should go back home to the WEST COAST! May I be the first to say to Julie Judkins—GO HOME YANKEE!!!!! Be sure to check out her Twitter @thatklickitat , yeah, she’s a real dumb-ass. She’s also just married, so she’s Mrs. Judkins, now or Mrs. whatever. I won’t drag her poor husband in this posting, I just feel real sorry for that guy, and he should file for DIVORCE as soon as possible! She treats her graduate students like sh-t, so, no telling what the husband gets!

It goes down in Dallas


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am doing every chic a fav by putting this disrespectful , un-loyal, can’t get her own , lying p.o.s!!! She will sit on any D that gives her 2 cents of attention. She runs through friends bc they all see her bs. Tell this ho anything and everyone will know your business. We all are over it. My man shows me your desperate ass messages. We are happy so stop hitting him up via text and fb. You are only hurting yourself being passed around all through Dallas. steph does Dallas!!!

Laura Belovic is a DILF Hunter


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Laura Belovic who works a crappy job at Ericsson in Dallas Texas is your typical clandestine DILF Hunter. She herself is a MILF (she’s married with two kids) yet she routinely solicits potential DILFs for discreet booty call sessions. Laura Belovic’s own marriage must be doomed assuming her hubby is fully aware of her lascivious and naughty ways or her hubby is a complete gullible fool who is oblivious to reality. I dunno why people like Laura Belovic seek to ruin other people’s marriages. She is a vile person. Nik, women out there need to be cautious and vigilant of DILF Hunters like Laura Belovic!!!

Oil Tycoon On The Run From Ex-wife And Sugar Baby Now Shuts Down Her Salon


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, painted Women Kameco Closes down nail bar and changed the name to Maverick due to her money running out… Also her sugar daddy has resigned from his oil company and is now in hiding in Dubai to avoid paying his wife the divorce money.  Click here to read full article!!

This is awesome!- nik


Turning Lives Around

I’m Having A Hard Time Believing She Is Anyones Sugar Baby

Ex-Pornstar Rihanna Rymes Is Rich At 22 Years Old

Not Worth the Fork


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl crystal Denee leanos lives in Dallas Fort Worth. She’s infected with drd all over her mouth so if you come into contact with her i would run. This girl this she has a chance in being a fitness model but what she has more of a chance of being in plus size modeling lol, she looks like a fat m**h head but usually m**h head are skinny so I don’t know what she is doing wrong. She has talon hands and wears tons of makeup to hide how freaking ugly she is. She needs at all time to wear a bag over her face at all times so she doesn’t infect anyone. Also this girl claims she’s been arrested for a warrant for a traffic ticket but in all reality she means sex trafficking , stay far away for this nasty infected b**ch or you most definitely will catch something .

I Don’t Get It


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is a picture of Ashley Graham and I’m just using her as an example.  I met a chick on Bumble (way better than Tinder) and she had the exact same body as Ashley.  I have never been into bigger girls but everyone seems to be dating them, so I wanted to see if I was missing out on something… so I took her to Sizzlers for dinner cause I wasn’t sure how much she would eat, lets just say I saved myself over 100 bucks by doing that… I realize I can’t do this sober, so we go get some drinks, I pound a bunch of Jameson, do a few lines and I’m ready to take this walrus down.  Go back to my place, she goes in the bathroom and tells me when she comes outside I better be naked.  So she comes out and all the fat and cellulite really killed my vibe, even wasted, I was hesitant.  The sex was good, it was a little sweaty but for the most part, I’m never doing that again.

OP sounds like you didn’t even try to ‘get to know her’. You are a bad person.- nik

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