Dallas’s Biggest Hypocrite


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Jordyn aka “Wonderland”. She is the biggest hypocrite I know. She is always bitching about others on facebook but then turns around and posts about how tired she is of seeing all the rave kids post about each other and how immature they are and how mature she is… If you feel the need to constantly complain about ravers, the scene, any drama pertaining to it and how mature you are compared to them then you, my friend, have a very damaged ego. Just like how a skinny girl will have all these fat friends to make herself feel better. If you are going to have such huge problems with it then DON’T DATE SOMEONE WHO WORKS IN THE INDUSTRY. I get constant invites to her boyfriend’s afterhours club and she talks about how she gets to hang out with all these big name DJs but then in the morning tries to call out the whole scene for being immature and drug addicts. But, you’re the one pushing people to the venue. If you don’t believe in that lifestyle then you shouldn’t be hanging around those people and you should be telling people NOT to go to the venue. She also brags about getting off work, going to a pre-party, being up all night at his club and then working in the morning like she’s some kind of mega human. Then she posts right after how immature all the ravers are, but she seems to have no problem hanging out with them. She has HUGE commitment problems and blows everything way out of proportion. It seems every time she moves out she gets into some kind of massive drama and moves back in with her parents because she can’t handle it. She’s been back to beauty school countless times and never finished. She can’t even commit to a tattoo! Most of her tattoos are outlines! I get it, I like tattoos too and you have more than me but atleast mine are FINISHED!! If she doesn get a tattoo finished she begs people over facebook to do it or refer her to a cheap artist. I’d rather have a pretty piece of art on my body than a shit ton of a 5 year old’s sharpie scribbles. In all, she’s a sorry excuse for a human and tries to brag about all her success when they are all half assed and never finished. She’s nothing special to Eternal either. That’s her boyfriend’s work and success (Eternal isn\’t even that great but he sure can fill a venue). She just likes to ride the gravy train like she owns it.

That tat fails to cover-up anything, what a mistake.- nik

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