Dance Mom Abby Lee Miller Is A Fraud

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Dance Moms

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is the biggest Dirt of all. Its big because it belongs to Life Time Channel star of Dance MOMS Abby Lee Miller. She is a large women going about 300lbs. Little history lesson. Abby Lee is pretty much bankrupt and her dance studio is up for Sheriff sale and the repo man is looking for her vehicle devised a plan with a man named John Corella. To create the showcalled Dance MOMS. It’s a reality show in Pittsburgh, PA about kids in a dance studio that travels around doing competitions. Problem is the show is about 10% percent real. The rest is all fake and scripted making the viewers actually believe Abby Lee is a strict successful dance teacher. When in FACT she is nothing but a bully who tries to intimate people. In about 2007 Abby Lee had about 90 kids in her Traveling Dance Company. Today because of her mouth and lack of teaching is down to about 15. She never really wins dance competitions anymore but it’s a part of the show being a fraud. People have left her studio because she doesn’t even teach the kids most of time. Abby Lee still lives at home with her mother. Now America thinks they are watching a show about a bunch of kids dancing when its all a fraud. Last year they had you believe this kids learned a new dance once a week. Wrongo. These kids aren’t even the best kids in the studio. These parents are just the stupid ones who want fame and fortune. If this show was so real why not have Ex students on the show saying how because of Flabby Lee they made it in the dance world…The reality of that is in spite of her they made it in the dance world. Abby Lee doesn’t even watch the dance competitions she is normally busy eating. But I guess she is wins in the end because America thinks this show is real! But what is sad is these kids on the show are being paid to lie and pretend things are true but then they all run around in real life telling everyone they were made to lie.

10% real is actually a lot for Reality TV.- nik

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