THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Joe Farrell. He lives in East Stamford with his wife and two children. I had dated him for 9 months before finding out all of this He made me quit my job because he wanted to “take care of me” and left me without any income though never followed through or provided for me. He is involved in illegal financial deals, illegal gun flipping. He has borderline personality disorder and is accustomed to controlling everyone around him. He’s obsessed with money and doesn’t take his wife out or let her spend anything, while he blew $500 on dinners with me in NY. He has abused his wife in the past by choking her and throwing eggs from a carton at her like a child. He lied to me about nearly every aspect of his life. He also tells women he lives in New York and uses his friend, Peter Santoro’s apartment in midtown west to bring his women. Oh- also, he is 44. I was under the impression that he was 36 for the entirety of our relationship. I always thought it was weird that James Franco looked so much younger than him. Somehow I did not get an drd from him and for that I am grateful. Please signal boost this! He preys on people he sees a “good people”- If I had actually paid attention rather than falling in love with him, I would have realized how fcked up he was sooner. He is dangerous and has threatened me and knows where my family lives.