Darian The Town Slore


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Darian the town whore

Darian the town whore

Darian the town whore

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, where do I start. This disgusting excuse for a human being is Darian Eggleston. She is the town wh*re of Orrick, Mo. While she looks like a twelve year old boy, she is unfortunate a mother of a child that should be taken away from her. This girl spends her life not taking care of her daughter, getting money anyway she can just to spend it on herself instead of her kid. As if not knowing who the father of her child was wasn’t enough, she continues to sleep with EVERYONE, and i do mean everyone in the town. She will probably get pregnant again and still not give a f*ck since she comes from a family where her mom has 6 kids by five different dudes. She sends naked pictures to anyone and everyone, even though she looks like a boy with a mangina. Stealing other peoples boyfriends, or at least trying to is apparently her favorite thing to do. Talks shit and acts big even though she would never do anything to back it up, or is too busy on her back to even deal with all the people that legit hate her. This b*tch spreads the DRD all around the Kansas City area, something I’m sure her daughter will be proud of one day! Please put this little c*m dumpster on blast, so everyone can stay away from her stinky stinky vag.

Poor people poor habits…she doesn’t know any better., its sad really.- nik

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