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THE DIRTY ARMY: where do i start with this very lost little man, “Cr*ck” k*lls this is a man to the left who will stop at nothing to get a blast, starting with beating and throwing his wife down stairs because she would not supply his habit, the only stupid fuk i know to rob two corner stores without a mask then gets caught and admits to three, he takes the cake sleeping with girls behind his wife’s back girls under 20 years of age, his cousin jesse Ennis” told me he is so stupid that he robs him for his weed every year and never blames him hahah dirty fcker i don’t personally know this man but i here enough about him that i thought id put him out there as a peace of shit husband father and friend get off the crack buddy good luck on your new job don’t smoke away the you bills……. p.s i hope your wife opens her eyes and finds a real man maybe i can replace you

I wonder what ‘glory days’ he brags about, or does he still think he’s gunna be a fighter.- nik

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