David Duchovny Ghosts The Paparazzi

David Duchovny Ghosts The Paparazzi

Actor David Duchovny was spotted by the paparazzi in Beverly Hills, California, and to their credit, they didn’t really bother him aside from saying ‘How’s it going Dave?” 

This really wasn’t a hard question to respond to- even if he wanted to avoid the paparazzi- as Duchovny could have simply responded with something like, “fine” or “good.” 

Instead, he just completely ghosted them, acting like he didn’t even hear them.

To his credit, maybe he was trying to get in character for the next season of Fox Mulder and pretend he was solving an x file… or he was just being a typical Hollywood elite who doesn’t talk to the press. We’re going to guess the latter is the correct answer here.


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