Dayton Beware

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Beware Dayton, OH this junkie is hot and has a good line of BS. She is married but will tell you she is in the process of a divorce from an abusive drug addict but the truth is she is a pill head stripper that has multiple boyfriends. She manages to talk her husband into taking her back every time he finds out about her other men. Her pills, drinking, and boyfriends are more important to her than her daughter. She is currently in a rehab program and doing community service for stealing from her last job. She is a master of playing the victim and blaming her dad for fcking her up while she fcks 3+ guys at the same time. On top of having a husband and two boyfriends she also had the drd infested owner of the two nastiest strip clubs in Dayton as her sugar daddy (Michael J, owner of sharkys and the living room). don’t get me wrong this chick is silly hot so its easy to fall for her BS but she is such a good liar that she will make you think you’re the only one and make you feel sorry for her. If you hook up with this twat just use it for what it is as an awesome cum dumpster and nothing else,google her name(jennifer schoeb)and see her mug shot and model pics from fast and sexy magazine. Just make sure and wear a rubber.

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