Dead Beat Goof

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Queens Babez Demonte Aka Joka Da Juggalo Aka Sean Travis Juli Tinkess/Tremblay. This Guy Right here, Thinks He is all that and a Bag of Chips. When Really he is nothing but a Wannabe Goof That Dont know how to own up for his own shit and own mistakes. He is Dating A ugly ass hoe that goes by the name Boo Quinn Lette. He Does nothing but Run his mouth and Says that he is all tough when Really he has mental issues that he has never Delt with. He has done nothing but ruin Peoples lives and lies through his teeth. He thinks he is apart of the bloods and HA When Really he is just a Wannabe, he is Also Apart of the so Called “Juggalos” Which by the way are nothing but idiot little Wanna be Gang members along with the bloods. And if he truly was one of them he would not post it all over the internet. He Has a Son that he dont Step up for and Cant seem to get it though his head that its his. He signed the birth Cirtificate and Everything else. but yet wont take Responsiblity for it. I Personaly Dont know What is wrong with this little boy. In my personal Thoughts he needs to grow up and Take Resposniblity for what he did wrong and what he Created. But he wont because he is just like the rest of Dead beats out there. Just like the rest of Juggalos they think they are all tough and that they are king shit when they cant even fight with out weapons they either need there Hatchet or some sort of other weapon to fight there battles but this little boy Runs to his mommy with everything. Cause he is a mommys boy. he is 19 and still runs to mommy with his problems. I think thats funny. He Has nothing better to do than Sleep with his little 17 yearold gf Drink smoke weed and what ever else he does, he would rather choose all that over his 19month old son. Proves what he is. just like his father a dead beat that cant step up to the plate. Thats why his son has a dad that is there and acctully can step up to the plate. unlike Sean. Sean Has done nothing But Destroy his sons mother emotionaly mentaly and physicaly. and continues to blame her for everything when he is the reason for most of it all. Maybe if he didnt Threaten her Family with so called “GANG MEMBERS” they wouldnt have called the cops and Social Services wouldnt be involved. And thats his excuse for running to, because he didnt want to do what Social Services Asked of him so he ran. Which just proves That he is the Exact same As Josh Elliot. They should be brothers oh wait Josh is probably Seans Rolemodle. I am honestly disgusted with Mister Sean Tremblay. He should have been the load his mother swallowed. he is a Disgrace to Man kind and A waste of human Flesh.

The clown mafia, or whatever those ‘rockers’ call themselves don’t exist.- nik

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