Dead Beat Lair And Player

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This loser dated my friend. He was really sweet at 1st. Truthfully i thought they were cute together untill i found out he got her pregnant.. He started calling her a whore, punching holes in there apt walls. Would not let her see her family or talk to her friends. She let me read the messages he was sending her and i can see why she fell for him. He is a smooth talker. Well anyways, during her pregnacy he didnt care if she had food to eat, made her walk to work everyday even in the rain, told her what she could and coulnt wear, made threats to her like ( I’m going to take your son from you, ill make him hate you,you know this going to get ugly right & Etc) Told she was fat and ugly cause she was pregnant, truthfully she looks amazing pregnant like wow she the cutest pregnant girl i have seen.(Which he planned knocking her up)He also was on dating websites talking to other girls and cheating on her. She worked full time, making sure rent & bills were paid so she wouldnt be homeless! While he was to busy buying a flat screen TV, PS3, $300 fish tank, video games and other stupid stuff. This kid has some really bad anger issues. People that lived around her even told me they could hear him yelling at her for no reason and for stupid things. One lady even told me, it sounded like he was throwing a dead body around. She says he never touched her, but i dont believe her. He kicked her out while she was 35 weeks pregnant cause she left the house with out telling to wash thier clothes, so she would have clean clothes for work. Then moved a another girl not even a month later. Now he denys the kid being his, tells everyone lies about her. She is now living at home with her mother, she is going great and i am so happy to see her smile. she still gets upset sometime but she tells me she is thankful she got out when she did. PS: he took $130 from her after he kicked her out from there bank account(and she just cashed her check from work 2days before he kicked her out), left her with a $200 phone bill they shared. told her she was shit out of luck! I will put a picture up of him and his new Girl Friend

Congrats on the kid and leaving the douche.  Raising a child in a hostile environment is a mistake.- nik

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