THE DIRTY ARMY: First of all this is Montana Cote.. she’s a sad excuse for a mother.. she couldn’t hack taking care of her first kid so she abandoned her & the father for a guy named Peter Stevenson. She told her babies daddy that she was going to saskatchewan for the weekend & never came back!! never said one word about their daughter, she eventually got pregnant with Peter stevenson & moved out to kelowna bc.. then starts harassing her ex babies daddys new girlfriend that stepped up to be the mother. She makes fake profiles of other people on facebook & talks mad shit about her ex babies daddy & his girlfriend. pretty dumb if you ask me!! Especially when she’s still with Peter Stevenson. First she can’t hack being a mother to her first daughter & now she can’t hack being with a new family & has to try & ruin what she left behind. PATHETIC!!! The second picture is of her & Peter Stevenson the dick she left her kid for.. & the last picture is the family she abandoned. What a heartless woman. She’s just a jealous dead beat mother & won’t stop harassing people because she’s unhappy with hers!! She made her bed & now she needs to learn how to lay in it.

Light packers usually reside on a couch.- nik