Dead Beat Parents

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is dead beat sex a offerender Alex Ernst he refuse to admit his new born daughter is his without a dna test even being done.Yet you look at his picture and then her and they look so much a like.I pitty the little girl as her mother is a slut and a druggie.She cant take of herself let alone her own child.They both are useless and no good for nothing.He cheated on his girlfriend and got Megan pregnant and refuses to tell his girlfriend that he even has a kid.Some one or something should be done about this.THey both are useless pieces of shit that dervese each other.I feel bad as now there is a little girl mixed up in this mess that didnt asked to be bought into this world but was.I just hope and pray that someone does something and save this little girl and puts her in a loving home with to parents not a drug user mom.I feel babd for his poor girlfriend who doesnt even have a clue whats going on .

Any baby could be his with a face like that.  Just saying.- nik

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