Definitely A Pervert

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik yhid is Collin a huge embarrassment for a father, for starts he lets 3 girls jump his girl when she was pregnant with his son and then got mad when she called the cops. When she was giving berth he got mad because it was tacking too long and it was costing him too much money to miss work… specking of money he has spent $30.00 on his son to bye him 4 things, his son is 5 months old. He was recently going to leave his son with a stranger so he could go get drunk. He was going to get drunk with his friends that like to pick up teen girls off sergeant ply them with liquor and what ever and all take terns banging them. He like’s all the single web sites you will find him larking there as well as random shitty bars and sergeant ave. He spent the 1st 2 months of his son’s life parting it up and when he would visit he would get mad if the baby would wake him up from his nap that he need from partying all night he then decided to move his girl in with him so he could settle down but after a month and 1/2 he could not handle being a father and have responsibility so they have now moved. he is a liar and a cheater he will do mean things and when questioned he will talk around the subject or he will just be like I cant deal with this. but he will appear to be the nicest person on earth. If you see him on the street stump him with questions like what size clothing is your child wearing or what size diapers is he in or how much does he eat a day… extra. this is really just the tip of the ice it gets better and better the longer i know him. if your man is friends with him rest assure that he can use Collins place to bring random girls.

Hell, ask its age, I’m sure he’ll still draw a blank.- nik

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