Definitely Not The Next Playboy Cover

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Definitely NOT the Next Playboy Cover

Definitely NOT the Next Playboy Cover

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is Samantha Vaughan. She is a TLoc whore who is so desperate she finds the need to post disgusting pictures of her and her fat face on face book. She is so proud to show off her nasty infected nipple piercings. The fact that I saw them and f*cked her on the first night I met her proves she’s a trashy slut. She continued to date a guy in jail because no one else would date her. She is psycho and won’t stop calling me and blowing up my phone. She needs to get the hint. Im embarrassed to say that I tapped this. Would you?

You can always tell how big a girl is by how swollen their feet are, hers are pretty bad.  Not that you can’t tell from all her other features…I’m just saying.- nik

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