Delusional Stephanie Abrams Of The Weather Channel

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I sent you some stuff on this b*tch before. She is Stephanie Abrams of the Weather Channel. She is a diva who has alienated everyone at this network, except apparently Al Roker who manages to prevent any accountability for her tirades, her melt-downs, her abuse of everyone else. They cannot get a hairstylist/makeup artist to come in at 3AM to get her ready for the Wake Up With Al show since she has managed to make every one of them despise her. This pic is from her Facebook Fan page with 22,000+ likes – you gotta admit, this pic is way too close up and in need of serious photoshopping, yet there are people who comment that it’s the most beautiful picture they have ever seen!!???!!! Are they nuts? She locked herself in the makeup room recently and refused to come out, crying that everyone was against her (they are) and her ass is getting too fat (it is). Anyone else would be fired for this crap but she makes it all about her and someone at 30 Rock likes her, or she blew him, or something, but in the ATL they cannot get rid of this insane b*tch. She was married for about 4 months a couple of years ago before the guy realized what a bipolar lunatic she is and ran away screaming. Her horse face makes Sarah Jessica Parker look cute. And she loves pigging out (see pic) so its no surprise her ass is getting huge. Please put this beeeotch on blast.

I think if Stephanie Abrams got that mole removed she wouldn’t have a lazy eye.- nik

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