Dennis Rodman Is Such A Greg Head

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, just saw Dennis Rodman at Caesars. Being nice I simply asked for an autograph, it didn’t seem like a big bother and I’m not a big autograph guy but my little cousin likes him. He was such a little cocks*cker, we need to put him on blast. I told him to f*ck off and then his bald ass manager said he lost a lot at the Sands ….so the f*ck what, we all lose. I told him and his manager to f*ck off and enjoy being a washed up POS. Because that’s all he is nowadays. I was a fan back in his hay day. I chimed out by saying “keep spreading your DRDs”. He looked at me like he wanted to punch me. I should have took one for the team but f*ck him. Put that washed up f*ck on blast. 5pm Caesars on 1/3.

I want to remember this guy as a basketball player, but now all I can think is Clown.- nik

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