Dennis Rodman Slams LaVar Ball- “You Suck”

Dennis Rodman Slams LaVar Ball- “You Suck”

It was only a matter of time before NBA bad boy Dennis Rodman broke his silence on the the outspoken LaVar Ball.

Rodman, who is not shy with the cameras, was stopped by TMZ and gave one of the most direct opinions on Lonzo Ball’s dad yet.

While Rodman started with some advice, stating, “Do one thing man- let your kids play,” he then added, “You suck.”

Rodman’s comments weren’t all bad, though, as he added, “One thing man, guess what? Great job man. A good father. Great provider. Love him. But man, let your kid play, man. Play, right? I got kids too, baby… Let your kid play.”

That must be what Rodman is doing with his son, Dennis Rodman Jr., a sophomore basketball and football star in California- namely, just letting him play.

The advice is sound, but something tells us it’s only a matter of time until LaVar issues a response… The world is waiting.

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