Diane Keaton Covers Face While Talking To Paparazzi

Diane Keaton Covers Face While Talking To Paparazzi

We’ve seen a lot of avoidance of the paparazzi techniques by celebs… and while some work and others don’t, the one that Diane Keaton recently used when spotted at LAX is bizarre… mainly because she’s not completely avoiding the press.

When Keaton is asked questions, she covers her face, but then responds… Then, when not covering her face, she turns in the other direction. It’s clear she is happy to answer the questions the press is asking, but doesn’t want her face to be seen… which is odd, as from the glimpses we can get, she looks fine.

Diane, may we suggest one of two things: either avoid the press altogether, or look into the camera when answering the questions. It will make for far less bizarre clips and photos.


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