Diane Lane- It’s A Gift To Be Alive

Diane Lane- It’s A Gift To Be Alive

Recently, Diane Lane gave an interview while on the press junket for her new movie, Paris Can Wait.

While Lane is always interesting, we found some of her comments here particularly noteworthy, specifically when she said, “We sometimes feel guilty for allowing ourselves pleasure. We have five senses. They’re not only for avoiding pain. They’re also for saying yes to wonderful things- smell, taste, touch, sights, sounds.”

“It’s a gift to be alive,” Lane added. “If we squander it looking at our phones and scheduling our lives away, it’s I think we’re the loser. It’s nice to allow room for spontaneity.”

Film aside, Lane makes a valid, insightful point, that also shows reflection on her film. We are sometimes so caught up with our phones and what’s going on in our lives, that we don’t stop to do something spontaneous or take in the things that are all around us.

Make sure to check out what else Lane had to say in the clip above.


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