Diora Love


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THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK Meet Holly Chambers, aka Diora Love, aka Brit Blake, aka god-knows-what-else…This horrible, cackling, twisted little gremlin junkie should have been flushed down the toilet at birth…She’s a lying little piece of sh*t with a brain so burnt from years of heavy opiate addiction that she has no grip on reality whatsoever, and will turn on her friends in the blink of one of her loopy, psychopath(etic) eyes…She used to be a feature exotic dancer at Teasers burlesque club in Winnipeg (back when she was dating ex-manager (and crckhead) “Bad” Brandy Jackson, but that was several years ago, and now this rotten little skank spends her time cracked-out between visits to the methadone clinic, flagging down cars in downtown Winnipeg / Osborne Village, hoping to find guys to con for sex so she can get another hit for her pipe…BUT BEWARE: SHE WILL RAT ON YOU IN A HEARTBEAT; she’ll try and extort money from you, and if that fails she will call your wife or girlfriend and rat you out, OR she will call the cops and blatantly lie to them, saying that you assaulted her or some other bullsh*t…Another ex-boyfriend of this deranged little turd is scumbag Scotty “Taz” Robertson, an ex-“biker” turned rat and now hiding under a rock somewhere in the witness protection plan…Yes, Holly can really pick the winners…In one of her most recent scams she conned a disabled friend of hers to move in with her, and after bilking him out of $1500 to move in she locked him out, (falsely) claiming that his smoking of cigarettes caused her to be evicted from the character home that she rented for a few months in the Osborne Village…Fact is that she was in arrears for about $5000 in rent, and when she tried to extort even more money from her disabled “friend” but was refused, she locked him out of the house and called the cops on him, lying to them and saying he assaulted her…Then the wretched little douchebag kept all the disabled guy’s belongings, including his cane that he needed to use to walk, and even an urn with his long-dead daughter’s ashes (!!!) which she gave to her aunt in place of her own dead mother’s ashes, so her aunt (executor of her mom’s estate) would release more money from her mom’s estate so Holly could further fuel her drug habit, after she blew through the first lump sum of $40,000 in less than 2 months while living at the Osborne Village Inn…She invested about $2000 of that in some ridiculous looking hair extensions which she pulled out during her sleep, because she is such a loony tune…She’s so f*ckin batty in the brain that she even pulls out her eyebrows while asleep!!! Hahahaha…Probably a side-effect of her abusive father beating her and her (now dead from an overdose) sister until they peed their pants…Boo-hoo, poor Holly…This little sh*t stain also claims to be 100% “gangsta”, and can be found lurking around crckhouses listening to her favorite Snoop Dogg on her MP3 player, trying to hook-up with under-age native “gangsta” girls to bring home to her bed (bugs)…In short, Holly Chambers (or Diora, or Brit, or whatever else she is calling herself these days) is a terrible waste of space…If you see her trying to flag down cars in downtown Winnipeg / Osborne Village, steer clear of her!!! Or better yet, steer right for her and floor it and do the whole world a favor!!! Karma is a B*TCH, ain’t it Holly? You ugly little creepy scumbag junkie. Burn in HELL, you skank bee-otch!!! Word up, yo!!!

That’s a real plain looking room…- nik

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