Dirty Butt


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Amber S. Dempsey. This is one nasty little girl. She loves her baby daddy so damn much but she was pregnant by another nigga while he was locked up. John uses her for her Retard check. She’s so damn fat im surprised any man would want her. She will sleep with anyone or even have three-somes just to try and keep john around. She got caught sucking Michael Stinnet’s dick. Robbed her own baby daddy and put him in jail for smacking her. . How triflant can you be bitch having 20 different men around your daughter? Shes a want to be Jones. Little does she know the whole family hates the bitch. She hates on so many people. She claims johns her man while he is out sleeping with other broads. This bitch is just one nasty ass girl. Watch out for this pssy its nasty!! Rumor has it shes had 2 abortions and 3 miscarriages where she beat herself in the stomach so John never found out. This is one sick Bitch!

I love the various leg positioning.- mol

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