Dirty Celeb Donkey In The Poor House


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THE DIRTY ARMY:  Hey Nik, I have some insider information about one of your Dirty Celebrities.  My name is D***** and I work at a popular apartment complex in downtown Dallas called The Mosaic.  I have been Dirty Army strong now for awhile and I follow your twitter account pretty closely.  I have noticed Eduardo (you know him by his nickname Eric or donkey) on your site and twitter from time to time.  Here is a little insider information for you, he has been evicted twice already for lack of payment.  Apparently he spends every last dollar on his girlfriend to keep her around to the point that he has almost made himself homeless twice already.  Here is a copy of the second eviction notice.  He rolls around Dallas like he has all this money but he drives a beat up Infiniti and can’t afford his $3,000 past rent bill?  Something just doesn’t add up Nik.  The truth is this guy has been mooching off other people for years.  He gets roommates and friends to help pay his bills and rent and once they figure out he is a scam artist they stop paying and he gets evicted.  He drinks off other people’s bottles all night and pretends it is his table.  This is the definition of true 30k millionaire.  He saves up for 4 and 5 months at a time to buy one piece of Gucci and wears it every day for a year.  No baller gets evicted, drives a 2001 Infiniti and has to pay woman to spend time with him.  The best part about this guy is he tells woman he makes $300,000 a year!  I have seen his credit report and I can tell you he claims on his taxes for the past 2 years $46,000 and $49,500 with a credit score of 568.  He has to get a co-signer to sign so he can live in our complex.  We currently have our collection company chasing his co-signer for the money he owes us.  I am not sending this to throw Eduardo under the bus, I just think this can help us collect the money owed to us.  I figured because you know some of these characters you could help us out.

Eduardo please pay your bills… I don’t care if you lie about your lifestyle, but I am sick of everyone coming to me with your problems.  Don’t be a Donkey for once in your life.- nik

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