THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so long story short, I absolutely LOVE TheDirty and have followed it since my college days (which will remain nameless b/c it will give it away). Now living in Chicago and I have to say, Nik, I am SO disappointed, DIRTY CHICAGO Is awful! It’s all ugly, fat suburb people! Dirty Scottsdale is all about the nightlife, gold diggers, cougars, +2s and wannabe models – where is that for Chicago!? Your people need to promote in ChiTown and get some of this trash on your site! To help – here are some photos — questions can be: would you? scale 1-10? stripper in a past life? might be a man? etc. Leave the fat ugly people to fend for themselves! xoxo Your biggest Chicago Dirty fan.

I agree, Chicago needs to step up its game on TheDirty. Are the Shomos still dealing?- nik