Dirty Chola


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Dirty Chola

Dirty Chola

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, are you ready for this dirt bag chola whore, she’s cheated on all her boyfriends and has had more dick in her than the underground rail road.she is a fake friend talks so much shit and get other people to do her dirty work coz she can’t fight. she thinks she so hood but in reality she’s ghetto. she’s a pathological liar, a manipulating cunt. shes a fat piece of lard that looks like sponge bob coz she has no shape. gen if you’re a fat ass don’t act skinny coz newsflash you’re NOT. she’s a groupie for bands that will never be famous. you’re networking for nobody’s that are constantly in and out of prison. she has the worst hygiene ever doesn’t take showers or do laundry she smells like a dumpster of sardines and expired tuna. she does not have a clue what deodorant or tooth paste are she’s the biggest fucking piece of shit loser out there who is going no where in life keep dating the losers so you can keep making conjugal visits. she has a little piece of shit dog that smell like a hobo’s asshole and all her clothes smell like dirty vagina .

Her face bows out like a parrot.- nik

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