Dirty Dominguez Loves The Greg


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Dirty Dominguez loves Dick

Dirty Dominguez loves Dick

Dirty Dominguez loves Dick

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this little work of art is known as Karli Dominguez. Imagine the most fake, foul, slutty, annoying plastic b*tch you can think of, and you will find yourself thinking of this self centered spoiled whore who thinks she is queen bee. She says shit that would make anyone with half a brain question her ability to function as a human being. She has had a boyfriend for 2 years and she cheats, lies and deceives him at any presented opportunity. she came over once with me and a friend and 10 minutes in to hanging out she asked to see both of our d*cks… at the same time, then proceeded to grab them both… at the same time! But that’s not the worst of it, It’s the sh*t she says that will drive you insane! She once stated that her life is harder than the life of a foster child… even though her dad and mom bought her a car, a truck, and basically anything she wants… she hasn’t worked an honest day in her life. she claims her dad is the worst part of her life, but i cant help but notice her new phone every other month, the gas in her truck is paid, and he doesn’t charge rent or nothing. This self-centered, self-righteous who*e lets all of her guy friends grab her *ss, t*ts and Ive even seen men grab her cooch as “a joke”. Loud obnoxious and always has to be the center of attention, this one needs to go into the books as thee absolute worst part of anyone’s life that knows of her existence period! The only way to experience the worst of her is to witness the f*cking scum that is known as Karli Dominguez.

That buggy board just adds insult to injury.- nik

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