Dirty Doreen


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Dirty Doreen

Dirty Doreen

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl goes by the name of Dorren Wolinski. I’m surprised she’s not on here yet she is one of those girls who would be your friend and back stab you. She goes into her friends places and takes their stuff to support pill and meth habit  and shes in jail right now for stealing at wal-mart. She also is a stupid drunk, tries to act tough when she’s drunk but when she’s sober, she doesn’t have the balls to do anything. Her and her baby daddy Warren Rupert lost there little girl a couple years ago to cfs and hasn’t tried to get her back. I don’t blame her baby daddy because I know he would be a good father to his daughter but the psycho Doreen screwed that up for the both of them. Anyways don;t leave this girl in your house alone, unless you want your stuff to be gone!

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