Dirty Dr. Marlin


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Good day Nik….Mate, you have to help me get the truth out about this bloke here in Winnipeg, Marlin Vandermeulen!!! He has manipulated my dear friend in the worst ways possible, (and apparently many other countless women too), and to add insult to injury – He undeservingly calls her every horrific name in the book and then calls HER the manipulative one! Worse of all hindsight has now shown, he cheated repeatedly on her, he’s been on pof the WHOLE time!!! (newest pof name is HappyNewChapter1Begins, profile of course hidden as always) Ladies beware, don’t believe what he says!!! This guy is definitely insecure about his own life (almost 50, longest relationship with his poor defenceless dog, no wife, no kids… ALL for good reason, He deserves to be alone!!) – it seems to me he can’t help but drag others down around him so he feels better (this is why he NEEDS all these new women, to feed his ego, to feel desired, he only wants you to leave you, to feel better than you). He uses his profession (Marlin and Mylo Chiropractic) to appear smarter, superior or more secure in life (all lies), his entire life is a facade to lure woman, so they THINK they have found a decent, caring, educated guy (what Dr could be so cruel?…well you have met him ladies!! He’s a Dr alright… Dr Jackal and Mr Hyde)!! I saw him being loving to my friend one day and a complete wanker to her the next, for NO reason!! Belittle her, put her down, demoralize her…and all right in front of her daughter… he has no respect (mothers be warned, NO child should see their mom treated like that)!! Then he turned on me, insulted me, blaming me, that I was ungrateful and negative, when I know for certain we entered that establishment with smiles on our faces and happiness all around. My ONLY regret was leaving that clinic not having stood up for my friend, (sheer shock at the moment btw! I had no idea what his problem was either). So that is what “THIS” is, I am departing Canada and I don’t want to leave never telling THAT man what I thought of him and what he did to my friend! Everyone says he should have his own post, I agree, so here it is -to finally tell the truth, so he can’t pretend he’s someone else to unsuspecting innocent woman anymore!! In my opinion, he’s a cheater with an anger problem who got caught up in his lies. He’s bad news! Don’t get involved with him or you’ll only end up angry and confused and torn to shreds. He’ll manipulate you, he’ll lie to you and he’ll emotional abuse you!! FYI, he criminally charged right now, (check for yourself at jus.gov.mb.ca) for assault/sexual assault!!! He faces 3 years in jail (goodbye PHD!!!), be careful he’s dangerous!!!! His reaction is always one of anger, hostility and utter rage against anyone around. And when he gets angry, which is always, he gets super mean!!! If you think he just hasn’t found ‘the one’ and your love will help him be a better man, you in for a ton of heartache!! I saw his ‘love’, for my friend (he did, in a sick twisted way, care for her- said she was the only woman he ‘loved ‘ in 14 years)…and he still destroyed it…. and her!!! I hate him for putting my beautiful friend through all of this – Since she is kindest and most considerate person I’ve met in a long time, she does for others what very few do, he took advantage of that, (he has NO money btw, still owes her hundreds…he owes lawyers and Revenue Canada to the tune of over 50grand, due in feb..don’t let his title fool you!!!!) he lies about everything!!! So, if you are a friend like I was, and think you’re being respectful to honor her choices and not say anything about him to her…DONT!!!! please show her this, or be prepared to have a very hurt friend on your hands, watching her endure a ton of pain…if I can save just one woman, and help my friend move on by getting you ladies to speak the truth, show her it wasn’t her, then I will no longer have any regrets…I can leave Canada and know I did the RIGHT thing!! It’s your time now ladies, don’t hold back, this coward doesn’t deserve any pity for what he does!!! See you down under!!

Looks like he lost his job.  He’s just Marlin now.- nik

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