Dirty Dreads


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dirty dreads -- gives old men head

dirty dreads -- gives old men head

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, do Calgary a favor and put this nasty sl00t on blast. not only does she constantly flirt with everyone elses boyfriends, she is f*cking a 45yearold bar owner named mark for heaps of pepsi and for her job as a bartender at this greasy sh*thole called the distillery. she thinks shes cool and trendy but we all just laugh at her and the fact that she sucks on old wrinkly three inch greg for pepsi and to make herself feel cool. get real girl and get a life. if your not happy getting filled up by an old man don’t try to get with everyone elses boyfriends instead. and ps: your dreads are totally disgusting and you look like a goblin. whaddia think nik? too nasty or what?

I think she hasn’t bathed in weeks and I wonder whens the last time she saw sunlight.- nik

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