Dirty Dusty Crispin


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Dusty Crispin

Dusty Crispin

Dusty Crispin

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl’s name is Briana Crispin. She like’s to hop on different d*ck everyday though her boyfriend is in jail.. Not very loyal are we? From what has been going around she never did one thing with her CURRENT boyfriend because she decided to start dating him WHILE he was in jail to top it all off she got his name tatted on her when she BARELY know’s him, she claims she’s in love but before her boyfriend now she was dating another guy named Jesse and she claimed she “was in love with him” also she thinks she’s top sh*t when she’s the greasiest of them all. I used to be friend’s with her until she decided to f*ck my NOW ex boyfriend of 3 years behind my back like a little wh*re that she is.This b*tch is nothing but two faced and people should be warned about her. Be careful ladies this girl’s a lying dirty two faced b*tch. She’s nothing but a dirty wh*re getting banged by different guy’s all the time. She like’s to drink with a sh*t load of guy’s even though her boyfriend is in jail. I’m sorry but if she “loved him” as much as she say’s she does she wouldn’t be out drinking and going to Toronto to strip while he is locked up behind bar’s.. Maybe you should stick to the single life Briana since you can’t seem to be loyal to anybody now a day’s. She lied about stealing my clothes and makeup and UNDERWEAR. As I said she’s the greasiest of them all! What do you think Nik?

“Nico” is long gone, wonder what names there now.- nik

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