Dirty Eugene Skank


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dirty Eugene Skank

dirty Eugene Skank

dirty Eugene Skank

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl Lynze wa*** is the trashiest girl ever. She was my friend since 8th grade but when i divorced my husband for hitting me all the time she swooped right in and hopped on it …. prolly for the money but too bad i already took it all.. This girl is so trashy though.. she sleeps with random guys and GIRLS from dirty EUGENE bars.. she seriously thinks she is hott sh*t.. But look @ her.. i wouldnt touch her if i was a virgin.. blind and had no hands to feel her ugly face and body with … this bit*h is the true meaning of dirty… sh*t she dont even know who her baby daddy is….Nastiest bit*h in EUGENE/ Springfield area…

I bet I know what she spent all that money on…and nice shirt way to let the world know your a sloot.- nik

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