Dirty Fairy Princess


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Avangelin Guajardo. Or Ava Lopez. Or jewels depending on if she’s working the pole or stomping the streets. She has no respect for herself let alone anyone else she comes in contact with. She will have sex with your man. I even heard she had sex with her brother. I’ve seen her work at the palace she would get sh*t faced and take these nasty dirty Mexicans to the back so they could f*ck her for that extra 20 bucks. She drives around in this old busted Corvette and she thinks she is this hot ass bitch. Someone needs to tell her she is nothing but a slut and wont make it past crestmont. Oh and this girl decided to get a clown *ss tit job. She looks like she has two watermelons on her chest. Lol she tells everyone all these lies about how she is famous but I found her in a casting website practically begging for a job. The only thing she has done was be an extra on a pitbull outta control video which she looks ridiculous in compared to the other girls. She must have let someone do some serious *ss fcking on her. Anyways I know this chick is nasty Nik but, would you?

Answer: No,big t*ts are only good if they don’t rest on top of a gut.

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