Dirty Filipina


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Dirty Filipina H03BAG

Dirty Filipina H03BAG

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girls name is Sarah Al*nzo, she is one of vandirty’s biggest h*ebags.  She is attracted to other girls boyfriends and will try so hard to get them to sleep with her.  She works at a fast food rest. and slept with her manager…. Sarah, you’re nasty!!! Any opportunity she gets with a guy, she’ll go for. I hope one day you get what you deserve, you little filipina sloot. Oh by the way, you ain’t that cute so stop thinking you’re all hot sh!t when youre really NOT.Guys only get with you cause they KNOW for a fact youre easy as 1 2 3.Oh I’m sorry was that a little difficult for you to understand? Yeah why dont you go back to school you stupid b!tch. let me rephrase that, guys only go for you cause youre EASY AS EASY CAN BE.

Why do all Philippino girls have a slight scent of the noodle and the flat face syndrome?- nik

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