Dirty Fish


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick FELICIA aka Felie Fel on facebook is the biggest sl*t out of Vancouver/Surrey. She goes around and sleep with guys that have a wife n kids. She tries to homewreck other ppl’s happiness because her mom never gave her enough love as a kid. She talks like she knows everyone n is friends with them, but no one u ask dont know her or care much to remember. This b*tch has no life n is a saddest, she likes to go around n make rumours up about ppl just to try to ruin their lives. She works at mens clubs n steal their clothes to try to pay her rent on time. When that doesnt’ work, she turn to her job as a PR GIRL. But last time i heard shes not making money on that cuz she so butt ugly n no dude want to pay for her company. she also got gang banged by the Independent Soldiers n after they beat the sh*t out her cuz they refuse to pay for such a piece of POOR QUALITY MEET. Her face looks like a FISH, n I feel sorry for her dirty flip boyfriend Chris Reyes who has to put up with her. But then again, he’s such a dirty n ugly looking flip he probably think he struck gold by being with this ugly broad.

She’s got the hook in the side of her mouth n all…or is that a double dimple, I can’t tell.- nik

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