Dirty Jessica LaFlamme


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Agassiz Rosedale Jessica Dirty LaFlamme

Agassiz Rosedale Jessica Dirty LaFlamme

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, today were gonna talk about a 26 year old named Jessica Laflamme. This women has to be the dirtiest thing i have seen since dirt itself. Jessica Laflamme is the type of women who would steal and have sex for weed and money. She has 3 kids but she tells everyone she only has none the oh wait i have one , Just so she can get a boyfriend. She use to live in Vancouver on the streets and get pimped out by her one of her lovers jon wood. She hangs out with crack heads and dealers, she use to be addicted to meth but i guess crack is a better choice. Her vag is were the saying came from as throwing a hot dog down a hall way. She sold her brand new laptop from christmas 2 days later for a gram of crack. That laptop cost her family 600 dollars. She tells everyone she has this big job painting but really shes sitting on welfare bummin smoke around the streets. She gets these apartments and cant pay rent cause weed and crack is more important. She hasn’t seen her 2 daughters in 4 years and is trying to get her son back with no home to bring him to Her mom slept with her dad and she was born shes an INBREAD. She thinks shes native but just stupid. She will back stab you to save her own a**. She slept with about 50 guys most of them over 40. She gave my buddy an std and is to lazy to get it fixed, and she never showers. Just stay away from this THING if you don’t wanna get messed. Mr.X.

She looks like a grown up version of Wednesday from “The Addams Family”- nik

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