Dirty Lisa


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Nasty Hillbilly  aka Dirty Lisa

Nasty Hillbilly  aka Dirty Lisa

Nasty Hillbilly  aka Dirty Lisa

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this nasty piece of trash is Lisa Kinnett or as our friends like to call her “Dirty Lisa”… she is a wanna be Hillbilly who works as an assistant manager at a nasty *ss pizza joint. She will never hit manager status cause she is such a f*cking loser and will never amount to anything! She is a money hungry piece of sh*t. she goes through guys like she goes through bleach hair dye (come on she is not a blonde!!)… She recently dated a really nice guy who had his sh*t together (great job, great car, great life, college educated, etc) to only f*ck him over and it was on to the next. She has no heart and looks like sh*t. This b*tch is only 27 but has wrinkles ( i assume from all the drugs and greg sucking) like a 40 year old woman, she comes complete with trash tattoos and a fat *ss! Her favorite quote on facebook is “you can never get on my level cause your always on your knees” yupp that’s classy… Nik put this greg sucking white trash piece of sh*t on blast!

Well at least she can say she has the face of a hillbilly.- nik

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