Dirty LIttle DJ


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THE DIRTY ARMY: CAM THE “MC LOVIN” BULLSHIT DJ AT A LOW CLASS BAR… oh yay! This guy is a HUGE whore. he runs around being a “big time hot shot” also know as “WHORE” he thinks hes a big time hot shot dj at the back alley but hes a loser that has to borrrow money off a bigger loser to make rent. if you think your cool for fcking a chich in the DJ booth at the back alley your wrong. any slore that goes there will fck anywhere. thats why this WHORE has fuked more then one in this club. yah it may have been the dj booth… but he had a long time gf at the time and even i fcked this guy while she was dating him. yah that may not say much of me but it still says less of him for lying. this guy is a wanna be. yes when your 18 you may think its cool to suck dick in a dj booth but later in life when you get to know the industry and people you learn that if your that old and still in it you are a loser that cant get a real job so you have to make younger people feel like lack of a better word “”retard” that thats what they call you chicks, sorry. CAM IS A FCKING WHORE WHO PLAYED HIS LONG TIME GF KRISTA AND HIS SHORT TERM SLUT AUSTINE … ooops i said to much. theses people are retadeded and my only reason for posting this was to say that lol who cares is the rest makes sense. oops… now you cant play them against each other. now this is a real post of someone pissed off at a whore who thinks being a dj at a clusb that lets 15 year old in.. be a wash out like 35 year old tim.. LOSER WITH THE WORST DICK EVER. yah you dated krista but does she know you fcked 3 of her best friends? i guess she does now! Sorry for the shitty pic but thats the only one he has now.. guess he even realizes that hes a pathetic sell out.. WAY TO GO!

Nice ‘personality’ glasses, and chin strap.  Both sure signs of a douche.- nik

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