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Dirty Dead Beat Mom

Dirty Dead Beat Mom

Dirty Dead Beat Mom

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This girls name is Tanya Yule and she is effing NASTY. If you are around this B**** for even a second she will steal everything you have, even if its just a newport cigarette. She has stolen from ALL of her friends, including but not limited to.. credit cards, dirty panties, make up, ANYTHING. She will F*** anything with a d*** because she craves approval. There is not one night that this sk*nk is not out partying her *ss off with nasty purple d**** dudes, while her 2yr old is god knows where doing god knows what. When Tanya was 5 MONTHS pregnant she started rolling on X all the time and now here baby is half retarded. But does she care for him? NO. of course not. This is girl is insane! You can talk smack to her face all you want and she still thinks everyone wants to be her friend. She needs a wakeup call! News flash Tanya, YOU ARE DISGUSTING! STOP GIVING AUSTIN A BAD NAME!

Distance doesn’t even help this horse.- nik

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