Dirty Mommy


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dirty mommy

dirty mommy

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, heres a dity sloot for ya. she lets her kid run away from home for hours until someone brings him home. she lets him swear to anyone without being told thats wrong all she does it laugh. she tells guys on plentyoffish.com she owns a sallon and has her sh*t together but she really lives in a trailer. shes a wh*re she slept with her mans bestfriend in there apartment on HIS bed, before the guy got home from work and she didnt even make his bestfriend leave they were shady f*cks and watched tv until her actual “boyfriend” got home; they acted as if his bestfriend was waiting for him. THIS girl needs to be watched out for shes a huge homewrecking wh*re; she doesnt care about anyone but her own little self… she thinks shes a real nock out but in reality she got work done on her face because back in the day she had a huge c*ckeye… you couldnt even tell if she was looking at your or the person across the room !! ughhhhh grossssssss.

Why was he nose born like that.- nik

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